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These rules govern the terms of use of this resource, as well as the requirements to users, their rights and obligations arising when registering on the site resources of the Tyumen House of Photography (hereinafter the Site).

1) About the Site.

The site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is the official site of the public organization of the Tyumen Photography House and the Tyumen photoclub "Photoregion". The basis of the site are the accounts of photographers, (and, accordingly, photos) of the participants of the photo club, TDF. We also welcome the participation of photographers from other cities, regions and countries. On the site of our site there are virtual exhibitions of photographic works of the participants of the photo club, our guests and famous photo masters. Also within the framework of the Site project there is a site for holding photo contests of both its own patronage and photo contests under the auspices of FIAP. Also on the Site are the news of the TDF, and articles on related photos and the activities of the TDF theme.

On the Site the opportunity of free registration of any interested photographers (amateurs and professionals) is realized. By registering on the Site, you confirm that you are passionate about photography while being a professional photographer or amateur photographer. The registration of people who are not addicted to photography will be rejected by the Administration of the site if it is identified. Also, registration with other, non-photo-related purposes (advertising, non-photo communication, etc.) is not permissible.

To registered photographers we offer to place on our pages our portfolio, participation in the photo contest held by the TDF, posting photos for the reviews, communicating with colleagues on photographic topics, subscribing to news and other events of the TDF, commenting on the photos of other participants, marking the photos you like, creative contacts.

The photos participating in the competitions, from the portfolio of authors - can not be removed by the author, in connection with the site policy. The author who posted his photos on the site, using them on one of the competitions held on the Site, agrees that his photos can and will be stored on the site during the term of his (Site) work. Those. the author agrees that his photographs, participating in contests, can be stored on the site for 15 years and further, while the functionality of the Site will be maintained.

2) Registration on the Site.

For full participation in the resources of the Site and its activities, registration is necessary. By completing the registration form, you agree to all terms and conditions set forth for the users of the Site. You do not dispute any of the rules of the Site and completely agree with them.