The instructions for FIAP contest participation managed by the Tyumen House of Photography.

Сульженко (Sulzhenko) Николай (Nikolay)

Greetings, dear visitors!

We thank you for your being interested in our contest and hope that your participation will extend your photography skills and bring up the whole new level of imagination.

Find below the instructions for FIAP contest participation managed by the Tyumen House of Photography.

The photo contest under FIAP supervision is held on this site on a half closed basis because applications of the contestants may be either accepted or rejected. For the application to be accepted you have to meet all the requirements (outlined in the Terms of the Contest). Also an applicant must register on this site by filling all the fields the profile form (including "Edit profile") and pay the participation fee.

To register on our site please select “Sign up” in the top menu. 

When the proper window opens fill out all fields of the form and confirm your awareness of the site’s rules. 

You will then be emailed with your account’s activation info. Upon receiving the message (you may find it marked as spam and placed in the Spam folder of your e-mail client) click the activation link. If you’re unable to get the activation, please report it to

After the activation of your account succeeded, sign in by selecting “Sign in” in the top menu and entering your e-mail and password.

After authorization open your profile through the upper menu. Click “Edit profile” and fill in the blanks. Save it.

Enter “Photos” section of the profile. 

Add your photos following the hints of the form loaded after clicking “New photography” button.

This is how you submit photographs to participate in the Contest. Size of the images is outlined the Terms of the Contest. Please, read carefully the requirements of the Contest.

When all your photos are uploaded you may apply for the Contest. It’s strongly suggested that you pay the participation fee before application. Payments after application are also accepted. (Please inform the organizing committe on the payment details via telephone +7 9044 99 87 55 or email

To apply for the Contest enter “Contests” section in the top menu. Find the current FIAP Contest. You’ll also find a letter icon in the end of the contest’s title (image of the icon). 

By clicking the icon you apply for the Contest and agree to the rules of this site as well as the Terms of the Contest.

Under “Participate” section of the profile there will be a question mark beside the title of Contest you’ve just applied. 

The applications results will be sent both to your e-mail and your profile’s inbox. Your application will be either accepted or rejected; the cause for rejection will be explained. If accepted you may start submitting your photos for the Contest. If rejected (the question mark will be replaced by the stop sign icon at the end of the contest’s title) read carefully the cause and eliminate the discrepancies. Alternatively, you may contact the Contest’s administration through e-mail or tickets and appeal for reconsideration.

After your application has been approved the letter icon will be replaced by the image icon. The question mark will removed from the Content's title. The "Participation" field will remain empty until submission of the photos.

When the image icon is clicked you will be prompted to the upload section. Press the "Load photos" button. 

At the next screen select a nomination (1) and click the link (2) to choose a photo. Only the photos from your portfolio are eligible for submission.

The next screen will display your portfolio photos; you choose submission photos by selecting them. 

The selection will also appear at the bottom of the screen. When finished click "Save". The screen will close. Click "Save choosen" to finalize submission.

This procedure applies for all nominations. The number of nominations depends on your payment.

After submitting your photos the "Participate" section will have a check sign meaning you're now a Contest's participant.

If you have any problem submitting your photos please contact us through "Tickets" section of the profile by sending a message to technical support.

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